I also co-facilitate relationship retreats with my wife Felicia, who is a licensed therapist as well.  We assist couples to strengthen their relationship through a focus on heart-centered sexuality.

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Jim Matto-Shepard, Ph.D — One Bodega Ave. #4, Petaluma, California 94952

Phone 707-762-1670 / email: mattoshepard@comcast.net

“Let the beauty that you are

be what you do”  


I provide individual therapy, couples therapy, marriage counseling and various forms of experiential group learning including group therapy.  I am a specialist in relationship therapies and in somatic psychotherapy.  I have been practicing psychotherapy, in one form or the other, for thirty years and have been licensed as a psychologist since 1997.

It is important to find a psychotherapist that works in a style that fits who you are and what you want.  I have designed this web site to give you a general sense of who I am as a psychotherapist.  Feel free to call so that we can discuss how I can help and whether or not I am a good match for you.

I work relationally and in experiential ways that involve mind, emotions and the body because I believe that this offers a powerful technology for change.

Symptoms, such as anxiety, depression and out-of-control anger, as well as love relationship issues, are based on mind/ body/ emotion complexes developed in early relationships.  To be effective, change must involve a relationship with someone who can help reweave these psychological structures, including mind, body and emotion.   

In addition to psychotherapy, I offer workshops and classes employing a variety of practices including mindfulness, movement and art.

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